Carrot Top – Comedian who made a joke out of his own face

In a history of plastic surgery the pioneers in using were female actresses and celebrities. It was kind of a competition of those, who will perform first different procedures on their faces or bodies. And later on, men celebrities joined this race. In some cases, the plastic surgeries for men were not visible at all on their faces, but on some occasions, they became a horror story. One of those stories belongs to Carrot Top comedian, who is known as Scott Thompson. He was born in 1965 in California. Throw-out his life; Scott made a great career in stand-up comedy. Now he is well known in US comedian, producer and actor. Hi jokes are special because mostly the objects he chose belong to his personal life or life of his family. Mostly he is laughing at himself. The appearance is also very bright – he has a bunch of red hair – this is where the name Carrot Top came from.

Carrot Top what happened

Disastrous Appearance

But the saddest part of his story is the result on a huge amount of plastic procedures that he had. He is considered to be one of the celebrities whose face showing the worst effects of plastic surgery that can exist. Comparing his pictures from the time he was young, he looks completely different. But speaking of his career – his disastrous appearance did not affect it at all. His humor is always based on laughing at himself. And his face now looks like the best possible object of jokes.

Even though his fans or journalists are not specialists on plastics, anyone of them could tell that Carrot Top had many face liftings. Also, the effect of Botox is very much visible – his face cannot move at all. He probably did something with his lips too, as they’ve become bigger and unnatural.

Carrot Top before and after plastic surgery

Steroid Maniac

And a lot of his fans were concerned when a few years ago his body started to change. He became a bunch of muscles. When you look and his body – muscled and tight, you cannot believe how old this actor is. But professionals of bodybuilding say that it is impossible to make yourself body like this if you do not use steroids. So instead of having a reputation of a man taking care of himself – he has got a fame of plastic surgery freak together with steroid maniac.

Carrot Top plastic surgery

But as a lot of famous people do, Carrot top never admit, that he had too much of plastics and that he used steroids. He is just calming condition of his body to the fact that he is working out a lot. But none of his fans or the magazines believes his words. As the plastic surgeon’s interference is obvious in his case. Even if he would be just a big fan of the gym, it is still obvious that Carrot Top, for now, is one of the worst victims of plastic surgeries in the US.

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