Compare the appearance of Gillian Anderson after her plastic surgery and before it

One of our favorite and most famous TV actresses of the 90s is Gillian Anderson. We will never forget her in a role of agent Scully in the X-files. She has been participating in many other TV projects. This is the one that everybody remembers. Gillian definitely stays beautiful and graceful throw-out the years. She has never been noticed on making any plastic surgeries or doing any other procedures to herself. Her appearance has been admitted one of 50 most beautiful people as per the chart of People magazine. In her 40s she sets an example among the ladies of her age of how to take care of herself and how to look gorgeous without any plastics. It has been a lot of rumors about her having plastic procedures though.

The actress has a younger face than some of the celebrities of her age. It could be explained by some of the Botox procedures. In a lot of magazines, the reporters have noticed that Gillian’s face sometimes looks too tight – which can be an attribute of Botox treatment. And if we would compare her pictures from 0 years old to 40 years old, we could see that her face almost hasn’t changed. But even though she might have had Botox injections, they must have been made by a highly professional. You can barely see the big influence on actresses’ face. Still, we can just admire her skin at the age of 46.

Nose plastic surgery

We have to admit that Gillian’s nose plastics are obvious. This is just visible as it is so. A few years ago you could notice that her nose became slimmer. Some of the actors, getting old, try to make their faces more proportional. And Gillian Anderson is one of them. She has had a plastic procedure that affected her nasal bridge. She did not have a big interference with her look, but still, it became visible.

Gillian Anderson before and after nose job

Lifting of an upper face

Gillian Anderson was never denying her plastic procedures. She has been just ignoring the questions from journalists about her face or body. If there were some interference, we could only guess. On the edge of her career in the 90s she had a face, that absolutely every fan loved – a little naive and very kind round face. Now her look became very sexy for her age. If you look at her eyebrows, you can only admire the changes that she decided to make. And they are exceptionally beautiful now. Lifted up, and very much attractive. Go, Gillian!

Gillian Anderson before and after lifting procedure

Lips plastics

When the actress was young a lot of X-files fans found her lips very much attractive, they were plump and looked soft. As she is older now, she might have had some procedure on her lips to keep them look young. The actress never approved those gossips in the magazines. The only thing all the journalists could do is guessing. Apart from the roomers, the conclusion we could make is that Gillian Anderson stays very attractive woman at her age and keeps acting and performing with grace and dignity.

Gillian Anderson before and after lips plastic

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