Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery: Fake or Truth?

Lizzy Grant is a 33-year-old well-known star: an American singer, model and songwriter, but many know her only under her new stage name Lana Del Rey. With her new name, she became a completely different person. Her appearance has changed beyond recognition. The whole world, thanks to media rumors and speculations not only in Hollywood but all over the world learned about the Lana Del Rey plastic surgery. The media speculated a lot on the topic, everyone was informed about Lana Del Rey plastic surgery. Many were interested in knowing what became with her lips.

Lip Plastic Surgery

Lana Del Rey’s lips do not look like before her changes. The singer does not admit that she did with her lips. But fans are sure that the lips of the singer have undergone specific changes. Comparing the previous and present photos of Lana Del Rey they noticed a change in the lips of one of Hollywood Celebrities. They were no longer those natural lips that the singer used to have. Sexier lips already say that they have also been worked on. Of course, all these are rumours that are allowed by the media, but nonetheless, the rumour often is true. On lips, it is visible, that into them were entered collagen filler injections. At natural lips there is no such effect of sexuality. Apparently, the cosmetic surgeon did an excellent job of replacing the lips. Maybe it’s true, maybe not. In any case, we hope that sooner or later she will tell the truth herself.

Lana Del Rey Lip Plastic Surgery


If you compare her old and new photos, you can see even more changes on the face. This thin nose is exactly the result of the work of the surgeon’s scalpel. Believe me, fans know their idols well, they know how they look, how they live. Now it’s a short slender nose, and in fact, before it was more. How then do not say that the singer did rhinoplasty. Not all of her fans took it normally. Of course, many people seem to be more handsome than the person who did not look after the operation do not like these changes when a person is dissatisfied with the natural looks with which he was created. The same is true of Lana Del Rey. We can say that not all of her experiments like it, but there are those who like it. Well, as they say, people are different and they have different tastes.

Lana Del Rey Rhinoplasty

Breast Plastic Surgery

In addition, fans are sure in Lana Del Rey boobs Plastic Surgery. Otherwise, how to explain Lana Del Rey’s voluminous breasts. Many people think that she had a breast augmentation. Although some did not see changes on her breast when comparing her past and present photos. And the singer herself says that all these allegations about her Plastic Surgery are not the truth.

Lana Del Rey Breast Plastic Surgery


Whatever it was, no matter how she would not change herself, her crowds of fans would not decrease. She with her appearance was loved and is loved whatever it was, no matter how she would not change herself, crowds of fans would not decrease. She with her appearance is one of the most beloved American stars.

It would be interesting to know your opinion on this matter. Lana Del Rey Plastic surgery is a fake or truth?

Lana Del Rey Photos

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