Portia De Rossi Plastic Surgery: Pros and Cons?

When a famous person is not changed over time and remains impeccably beautiful, conversations always begin that this is not a natural process, but an artificial intervention in the ageing process.

The same with Ellen DeGeneres’s spouse Portia de Rossi, who has an amazing appearance.

However, her fans in 2013 began to notice that Rossi looks different, even comparing previous and present photos you can see that the appearance of the celebrity does not look natural. And from here all doubts about Portia De Rossi Plastic Surgery. The fans believe that she had Botox injection, nose job and brow lift. They are the most popular surgical procedures among American stars.

Portia De Rossi Plastic Surgery is not a secret, but let’s take a closer look at the procedures that she had.

Nose job

No make-Up is able to correct the uneven part of the face if it concerns the nose especially. In this case, external intervention is required. In the case of Portia de Rossi, there is no big doubt that the current form of her nose, this is not the result of a properly applied make-up, but great job of a plastic surgeon.

Nose job procedure in our days and ages is very popular among famous people.

You can make a huge list of different actors, singers – the owners of beautiful noses, who are not gifted by nature but by specialists in the field of plastic surgery. And Portia is also from this list. Her present nose fits perfectly into the shape of the face, and this is certainly not her previous nose, which was in a downward direction.

Portia de Rossi Nose Job

Botox treatment

The outer beauty of Portia makes us think that Botox injection was injected into her skin. Otherwise, how to explain that her skin looks smoother, there are no wrinkles on her forehead. Especially this procedure is very popular among the stars and it is very effective. After all, the age of a woman is a real enemy, which does not improve, but worsens the appearance of a person. Although Rossi herself does not give any hints, she went for these procedures.


Beautiful big and wide eyes are rumored to be the result of eyelid surgery. This procedure, also called blepharoplasty, is used to remove excess subcutaneous fat. The effect of this procedure we can observe in Portia de Rossi, whose eyes look fresh without any folds.

Portia de Rossi Blepharoplasty

Lip Fill

Thicker and plumper lips, which we could observe in the star a few years ago, is also the result of the lip fill procedure.

Lip fillers are very popular among Hollywood stars. And Rossi also went for this procedure. “Beauty knows no pain” as we know. However, such unnatural beauty does not always remain constant. From time to time they have to repeat them again because the artificial effect passes over time.

And then the question Portia De Rossi Plastic Surgery is good or bad? I’m sure that her fans know the answer.

Portia de Rossi Photos

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