Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery: everything is in your hands

Rose McGowan plastic surgery was the occasion for gossip in recent times. Rosa Arianna McGowan is a famous American singer and actress. She became known to the television audience after performing the role of Page Mathews in a phenomenal drama called Charmed. It was on screens from 2001 to 2006. Well-known directors looked at her performance in The Doom Generation (1995) in which she played the role of Amy Bay, then in the nomination, Independent received Spiritual awards. After that, she starred in the films “Scream”, “Walk”, “Jawbreaker”, “Ready to swear”, “The Terror of the Planet” and many more Hollywood movies. In both parts of the series, Grindhouse played an additional role, which was directed by Quentin Tarantino. She became the performer of Bebe

Rose McGowan before and after plastic surgery

In life Rose did not have many relationships. For the first time she had a big connection with Marilyn Manson, he was a rock musician. After 2 years McGowan took up the director Robert Rodriguez and stopped his relationship with the musician, and two years later they parted. After that, she married artist Davey Fract, but after 3 years they parted. Now, as is known, she does not meet with anyone.


Rose McGowan before and after

In 2007 Rose McGowan was in a car accident in which she suffered serious injuries. She damaged her eyes and she was operated. She just did not say long ago that she had an operation when she looked at a stranger with whom they met at the clinic. It became known that she was put on implants that did not differ much, she changed a lot, and her damn sex appeal was already in the past. Her gaze swelled, and she did not look like herself. She lost her smile, and her bloated look was only sadness.


Rose McGowan plastic surgery before and after

After that she got used to plastic surgery and continued to do more and more, which spoiled her appeal and sexuality. And now she is not at all like herself and looks very terrible. With an empty smile with a bloated look and not a beautiful nose, you will have a very important question. Do you like it? On the Internet, people considered her the second Michael Jackson, and she strongly disliked it and she sued these people. In the past, she stood up for Renee Zellweger, who was criticized by commentators when her face changed dramatically after the operation.

Rose McGowan at all stood up for her. She said that this is her choice, she does as she sees fit and that everyone looks at himself. They say that she never performed a plastic surgery and it’s just a rumor. But we see that her look and smile changed a lot in a bad way. Operation can be the only reason for this. And how do you think this information is reliable? Rose McGowan plastic surgery was real or this lie was invented by her competitors, and how do you think if it’s true she did right or not?

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