Unrecognizable Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith wife of the famous Hollywood actor Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s successful stars. Jada Pinkett, like all other celebrities, has many fans, so she tries to maintain her appearance and beauty for them. She, like many others, had to turn to the services of a surgeon.


Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic surgery was not really a secret, and this topic was very widely discussed. There were rumors that the actress had not one, but several procedures for rejuvenation. Jada Pinkett works in an industry where you always need to look beautiful if you do not want to lose your popularity And your favorite fans. Therefore it is understandable why she had to resort to extreme measures.

Especially the age does not stand still, after 40 years for a woman, it begins to give the reverse process. In the case of Jade Pinkett Smith happened the same. Over time, changes on the exterior of celebrities became more and more noticeable, which is not to say about Will who never seems to age at all.

And Jada Pinkett goes through plastic surgery. If you compare her previous and present photos, you will notice the difference.

Cheek Augmentation

Hopefully, for a significant improvement in appearance, the actress went through several well-known procedures, one of which is a cheek augmentation. A huge difference can be seen if you look at what Jada was before these procedures and after they were made. The procedure involved filling the cheeks to raise them. However, the result surprised but did not impress the fans. What happened? It’s hard to believe, but after that, she began to look older than she was. Unfortunately, the procedure gave the opposite effect. Measures aimed at improving the appearance have changed her beyond recognition, so much so that you could mistake her for someone.

Jada Pinkett Smith Before And After Plastic Surgery

Surgery Or Injenction

Although, perhaps many support these changes. Jada herself opposed those who too often resorted to such procedures. Concerning rumors about her plastic surgery, she is rather silent. One famous doctor who successfully works in this direction Dr Anthony Youn gave the chance to think that the actress did not really do plastic surgery.

According to him, this effect can be obtained by injecting fat or silicone into the cheeks. Thus, the intrigue thanks to him was hushed up, it remains to be seen what the celebrity really did with herself. Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic surgery probably will be discussed for a long time. Although this is a rumor, nevertheless the rumor also turns out to be true. And in her case, this can really be true. Imagine how dramatic changes we see on her face. Apparently, this is an unsuccessfully done plastic surgery.


What happened to Jada Pinkett Smith, happens sometimes after a noticeable medical intervention. Although most people after such procedures become younger, better and more beautiful, there are exceptions when something goes wrong as suggested. Whatever the star did not say and did not deny this fact, she really did something with her appearance.

And she is unrecognizable now. She is now different – someone else’s, not the one to whom we are accustomed. She looks older now. And this change does not please. Perhaps there are those who reacted to all this normally, but for the majority, it is a shock. Maybe there are, those who support her choice. After all, she tried not only for herself but also for her fans, although the result is different impressions.


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